Get Prepared and Survive any Disaster!

Get Prepared and Survive any Disaster!

Are You Prepared for an Emergency or Disaster? A Hurricane? Tornado? Fire? Flood? Tsunami? Earthquake?

Be prepared to survive“How can I afford to be prepared?” you may ask. “Work is hard, life is difficult, and there’s not enough money to worry about what might happen!”

Well, you can prepare for disasters of virtually any scale without breaking the bank and taking ungodly amounts of time:

  • Teach your children what to do in an emergency.
  • Build up a reserve of supplies without spending lots of money.
  • Be ready for evacuations.

Dear Friend,

When you watch the news showing a story about a disaster, do you feel helpless? Do you wonder if something could happen in your area to put you, your family and your job at risk? Do it seem like there’s nothing you can do to get ready?

The author Richard G Lowe Jr

I’m Richard Lowe, and I was by the experts at CERT (Civilian Emergency Response Team) to understand how to prepare for and survive disasters. I’ve also been a leader in the area of Disaster Recovery, for Trader Joe’s and other major companies. I’ve written this book to share my experience and knowledge with you, so you can be prepared for “the big one”, whatever that might be.

Back in 1994, I was sleeping peacefully in my home in Hollywood. Suddenly, I was awake. Something was not right. The earth was gently rocking, and a few seconds later the shaking became a violent up and down motion.

My late wife, Claudia, was beside me, snoring softly. Her eyes snapped open and i pushed her off the bed onto the floor, and followed quickly, shielding her with my body.

The shaking lasted forever (so it seemed) and when all was done our place was devastated. Our home was intact, no damage there, but the furniture was everywhere, books had fallen, and broken glass littered the kitchen floor… and I didn’t even have shoes or slippers in the bedroom to protect my feet. We didn’t even own a flashlight!

What will you do when disaster strikes? Are you ready? Do you have an evacuation bag (also known as a bug out or go bag?) How do you let your family know you are safe?

You can prepare for flooding

Do you want to be at the mercy of government agencies like FEMA? Do you remember that it took WEEKS for them to respond to the Category 5 Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 not to mention the Category 3 Hurricane Sandy in 2012?

You don’t have to be a prepper or build an underground bunker to protect against the day shtf (shit hits the fan) or spend a lot of money and time to get ready.

In fact, with just a few simple steps you can improve the odds of the survival of you and your family.

With just a few hours and a few dollars, you can get yourself and your family ready…

Take a look around your area. No, a good look. Are there any chemical hazards? Where are the power lines? What are the evacuation routes?

Do you have a stock of supplies? What about a first aid kit and a flashlight? How much food, outside the refrigerator and freezer (which won’t work without power) have you stocked up? Are you ready for an evacuation?

The key to survival is to be ready and to know what to do when a disaster or emergency occurs. There is a balance, as with anything, and it’s important to find that middle ground of preparedness.It’s equally important not to wrap your whole life around the possibility of disaster. Those who are not prepared find themselves at a loss, even to the point of injury or death, when an emergency occurs. Those who are overly prepared lose out on the normal, non-disastrous parts of their lives (presumably the majority of their time on this earth).

A few years ago, I asked a few of my friends and co-workers they would do in a disaster. I asked, “If there was an earthquake right now, what would you do?”

“Get under the window,” he answered without hesitation.

That shocked me. The right answer, of course, is to get under a heavy table or desk. Protect your body from falling objects. Getting under a window would be among the worst things you could possibly do since the glass would shatter over the top of you.

I decided to write this book to pass along some of the knowledge I’ve learned over the years about disasters. To help you and your family get ready and increse your odds of survival.

The result is this book:

Introducing …

Buy this book to learn how simple it really is to get you and your family ready for disaster.

  • Research – What hazards are in your local area, what is the best route for evacuation, etc.
  • Supplies – What supplies do you need?
  • Evacuation – How to be ready for evacuation.

By taking control, and doing a few simple steps now, you will dramatically improve the changes of you and your family making it through disasters

You CAN prepare for a disaster. You CAN keep enough supplies on hand to last until help arrives. You CAN understand and act.

I know this, because that’s what I’ve done. I’ve made myself and my family ready for any disaster that might occur.

Every home should have a copy of this book in it – Dorene

I loved the way this book was put together, catching my attention right off the bat and flowing perfectly – Carissa

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside

  • What you need to find out before you begin to prepare
  • How and what to teach your children to help them survive
  • How to create a disaster plan
  • How to let your family and friends know you are safe
  • How to create a bug-out bag and what to include inside 
  • What do you do when ordered to evacuate 
  • And Much More …

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Buy your copy today and get ready for that disaster today BEFORE it’s too late.